(If you haven’t already read the details of the Request below, you had better read it first, or you won’t really understand what I am now saying!)

The situation of the small group of Christians I wrote about a week ago is now known. Tanna was the nearest island to the epicentre of the cyclone – the “eye of the storm”! Adam flew there as soon as that was possible. He reports that his ‘Christian Family’ out there were all physically unharmed, though still in shock. All the houses in the village have been totally destroyed, except George’s, which is currently the home for everyone!!!! Many of the water-pumps were put out of action, but Adam and the local men are getting them going again. All trees have been uprooted, and all the root crops (their main source of food) have been spoiled. There is only one week’s food left (mainly bananas) – though the Aid Agencies seem to be working on that problem, so they have hopes for some relief, pretty soon, on that particular issue. The main problems seem to be the need for re-building, and for the re-establishment of their normal crop-growing. Nevertheless, the Christians are very thankful to the Lord for having been spared, and for the start that has been made on returning to normal.

Adam’s sister, Lisa Pearce, has set up a fund with one of these reputable ‘giving’ organisations in New Zealand (like “Just Giving” in the UK, and similar set-ups elsewhere). If you want to contribute some financial help to that small Christian Group – who follow the Lord in much the same informal way as do many of you who read this website – go to the following….

P.S. You need to express your proposed donation in New Zealand Dollars. (Today, the British Pound = almost exactly 2 NZD. US Dollar = 1.32 NZD. Euro = 1.43 NZD.